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Its hard to capture a moment or feeling when your in it. Its like comparing that moment when you look up and see the moon. How would you describe it? Does the photo even do it justice?

You being there and seeing in in real life is what makes that moment.

Whether finally reuniting with friends or family. Under the moon is that moment captured. Its that moment you can carry everywhere. It helps you remember that you are not the only one under the moon.

You are not alone.

Brokin Clothing

BROKIN is influenced by vintage nautical style and the latest casual wear. We aim to inspire our customers to be the best version of themselves and to be confident in their own skin. Holding fast to what matters and Riding the wave together

Designs with Meaning


The ocean can be a scary place. But what every dive instructor teaches you over everything is " Stay Calm". Life is full of obstacles and sometimes they come in waves. But with proactive tools and a determined mindset, you will survive and help others along the way. Even as you dive deep into healing, you may feel the pressure as you would deep diving in the ocean, but you can suceed.

Hold Fast

Inspired by Vintage Nautical aesthetic and language. Hold Fast is a term told to the crew on a ship when seas were getting turbulent or a storm was brewing ahead. Appreciating the old and incorporating the new , allowed us to create the "Hold Fast "design. reminding everyone that with determination and endurance , you can get through anything! And yes, we do believe in mermaids and mermen.

Ride The Wave

Life can be crazy with Ups & Downs, but that doesnt stop us from living. Riding the wave of uncertainty and unexpected events will help you manage your emotions and perpective on life. As the Brokin family originates from Southern California, we added to our collection of designs with meaning .Reminding all to " Ride the Wave" and never give up!


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Brokin is happy to announce a very special collaboration with fill-A-ble. An amazing program that helps young adults with different abilities to become employAble.

fill-A-ble specializes in inclusive programs catered directly to the individual and provides general workplace training with a focus of ecommerce and fullfillment services.

BROKIN is lucky to be apart of these young adults journey , helping to provide fill-A-ble with ecommerce goods to be packaged and sent to our customers.

If you would like to support or get involved click the link here

If you would like to learn more click fill-A-ble



BROKIN is influenced by vintage nautical style and the latest casual wear. We aim to inspire our customers to be the best version of themselves and to be confident in their own skin. Holding fast to what matters most and riding the wave of life together as a BROKIN family.

Our vision is to incorporate beach culture, proactive self-help, and fashionable street wear, that is durable and made with minimal products, which reflect these ideals. We invite you to browse our site and to find just what you've been looking for. Look good, feel good, shop BROKIN and be a part of the family.https://www.brokinclothing.com/pages/about-us

Brokin NFTS x Drunkin Sailor

Brokin is finally riding this crypto wave. Check out Drunkin Sailor and all the available NFTS to collect.https://www.brokinclothing.com/pages/brokin-x-drunkin-sailor