Ambassadors Program

 Brokin Ambassador agreement

        Thank you for not only being interested in being apart of our small family but showing support that can only be done with ambassadors like you who believe in our message and our creative process.

       As we move forward, we hope that you agree with our agreement and acknowledge what is expected for both participants involved. In short, we provide merch that could consist of small accessories or bulk products that need reviewing. With reviewing, that would include a commitment to review, post , vid/ camera shoot with our items. We want honest reviews and would most likely use those honest opinions for “ reviews on the site” or via social media platforms. As our goal is to attain organic followers and future customers with this brand awareness and show a variety of passionate individuals. 

      We do expect a 2 week - 2 month turn around of response with our products. Meaning, if we send you products, we expect reviews, photos/video in the next 2 weeks or 2 months, depending on the project. As we are understanding of change in circumstance or unforeseen life occurrences, if this agreement is not met and communicated in a reasonable amount of time, we will charge you for the products sent and send you a invoice of the merchandise that could’ve been sent to ambassadors who are ready and on our waitlist.  

     With being apart of our brand awareness, you are provided a “ ambassador “ discount of %20% off any items you purchase on the online shop. We do not ask that you return the items we send, as that is our gift to you. If at all, any confusion or questions are raised, please email us at with the subject bar “ Ambassador question/concern” and we will get back with you ASAP.

     If you have any other friends who would be interested in our ambassador program, please contact us via email or DM and we will assess if our budget allows for extra ambassadors.

     We hope to grow with you in your passions and thank you for believing in our brand as something more then a clothing brand but a lifestyle brand that will promote positivity, mental health awareness and passion.  

Signing up , you agree to the acknowledgement and agreement above. Content sent to BROKIN Clothing, allows us permission to use , promote and quote on any of our social media platforms. 

Please add your address and size to clothing on the contact “message “ section. 


Welcome BROKIN BRO or BROKIN BABE! And let’s ride this wave of life together!